6 Morning Rituals for Spiritual Awakening & Inner Peace

6 Morning Rituals for Spiritual Awakening & Inner Peace

Posted by Madisyn Alberry on March 31st 2021

The morning is such an important part of your day. This is the time for intention setting and ground into what you want to manifest during your day. Creating a morning ritual is a sacred ever-changing process that will help you create the life you want because how you spend your days is how you spend your life.

Here are some suggested morning ritual practices to incorporate into your mornings...

1. Meditation & Breath Work

Morning meditation is a beautiful way to start your day. Meditation will help you connect to inner peace and you can carry it with you throughout your day. Your practice can consist of anything you feel calling to incorporate. Suggested morning meditations are chakra clearing, ground, and connecting to the Divine. You may feel called to add the following to your meditation: breath work, guided meditation, connecting to gratitude, or visualization.

2. Oracle or Tarot Card Reading

Many people enjoy pulling a card in the morning to receive guidance for their day. A card reading in the morning is a beautiful way to connect to messages from the Divine and to bring you validation and remembrance. xx

3. Visit Your Altar Space

An altar is a sacred space created around an intention. By visiting your altar space you will be reminded to reconnect to your previous intentions and manifestations. The time spent here can be as long as you’d like. You can pray over your altar, meditate by your altar, contribute something new to your altar, or anything else you feel called to do.

4. Move Your Body

Moving your body in the morning will help release tension or pain from sleeping. Movement in the morning will also waken the physical body by increasing blood flow! You can intuitively stretch, follow a yoga video, or do a morning workout.

5. Journaling Thoughts or Dreams

When we transmute our thoughts into the physical realm with pen and paper, we can create space for new thoughts to flow. Clearing the mind by journaling in the morning will help you have a clearer mind. Writing down your dreams in the morning also releases pieces in the subconscious and creates space for new beginnings.

6. Drink a Full Glass of Water

This is so important because water is how our body flushes out toxins! By drinking water in the morning you are supporting your body in a beautiful way and starting the day out on the right foot!

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