Candle Magick 101: How to Use Candles During Rituals

Candle Magick 101: How to Use Candles During Rituals

Posted by Cidney Bachert on December 3rd 2020

As we journey into the dark months, many of us keep festive and scented candles to add extra light at night and fill the space up with the ambient smell of the Yule season. What you may not know is that candles can be used for so much more than to fill a space with the scent of warm apple pie or roasting marshmallows. 

Candles have been used in witchcraft, rituals, and ceremonies for thousands of years. An early source of light turned ritual tool to help light the way into spiritual ascension and spellcasting. Discover more about how you can incorporate candles into your practice.

How to Use Candles in Your Practice

One of the best ways to use candles is for manifestation. Come up with the intention that you'd like to manifest and simplify it as best as you can. You can anoint your candle if you'd like with essential oils and herbs. To do this, pick an oil like almond or jojoba, or an essential oil, and rub the oil all over the candle (not on the wick). Then you can roll the candle in an herb that feels aligned with what you are trying to manifest. Visualization is a powerful tool, so as you light your candle, visualize yourself happy and successful in the intention you are working toward. The color of the candle you use can also have a significance in your spell or ritual, and can help assist in the outcome.

What Do the Different Colors Mean? 

Each color of a candle symbolizes different aspects that it can be used for, whether that's for protection, purification, love, or abundance.


The color white is often associated with purification and cleansing. This color also symbolizes healing, renewal, unity, regeneration, spirituality, protection, peace, the Moon, and connection. 


Pink is the color of love and romance. It also symbolizes friendship, peace, health, emotions, family, heart healing, affection, selflessness, self-love, and unconditional love. 


Red is often associated with sexuality and power. Red also symbolizes passion, lust, speed, fire, vigor, action, career, desire, ego, independence, aggression, determination, and goal setting. 


The color brown is often associated with a connection to the Earth and grounding. This color also symbolizes animals, house blessings, stability, balance, locating lost items, and financial wealth. 


Orange is the color of creativity and expression. It also symbolizes fertility, desire, inspiration, attention, new options, justice, legal matters, ambition, and opportunity. 


Yellow is often associated with optimism and positivity. This color also symbolizes confidence, energy, warmth, success, will power, identity, and mental clarity. 


The color green is often associated with abundance and money. This color also symbolizes prosperity, growth, fertility, healing, luck, flora, nature, success, and healthy love. 


Blue is the color of water and truth. It also symbolizes calm, peace, protection, renewal, forgiveness, healing, meditation, dream magick, weather, and expression. 


Purple is often associated with wisdom and empowerment. Purple also symbolizes intuition, spiritual guidance, connection to the Divine, enlightenment, and truth. 


The color gray is often associated with femininity and lunar forces. This color also symbolizes prophecy, astral plane connection, manifesting dreams, balance, challenges, and endings. 


Black is the color of protection and absorbing negativity. It also symbolizes unblocking, transformation, contacting ancestors, honoring dark aspects, honoring death, and shapeshifting.

Light Your Way

Embrace the warmth and light from candles into your practice, and as always, burn candles in a safe space with caution and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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