Cosmic Weather Transmissions: Weekly Astrology

Cosmic Weather Transmissions: Weekly Astrology

Posted by Ra Ma on November 11th 2020

On this Friday, we welcome the 13th day of the month. This is a special portal to mark the frequency of the Great Goddess, the Great Cosmic Womb of Creation. This energy is amplified as Friday is dedicated to the goddess Venus, who as Earth's elder sister is a gateway to beauty, art, culture, and love; while thirteen is a sacred number that has been systematically demonized by the patriarchy. Consider how many buildings refrain from having a thirteenth floor. The overculture has taught humanity to fear their bodies, and most significantly womxn's blood. Each annual cycle contains 13 moons, therefore a menstruating woman will have 13 blood cycles per year. There are sacred codes of fertility and rejuvenation stored within this number. This is the essence of creation. 

The holy lifeforce is emphasized even further as Mars stations direct this Venus Day at 7:36 pm EST. Each one of us has been given the opportunity to dive deep into healing our inner masculine, so that we may become more independent and stronger in our boundaries. Instinct and vitality have been emphasized. As Mars stations direct he opposes Venus in Libra. Both are in their home signs which offer an energetic boost, meanwhile Juno, the asteroid goddess of sacred union is in Scorpio conjunct the Sun. This energy highlights the quest for each one of us to embody our inner divine masculine and inner divine feminine to create a mystical marriage within. If you are interested in learning more about this divine union, I recommend episodes 1 and 14 of my podcast. The complete Mars in Aries cycle will wrap up early 2021 as Mars enters Taurus. 

On Sunday, November 15th we are met with the Scorpio Super New Moon at 12:07 am EST. This New Moon emphasizes the individual and collective journey through the eye of the needle while also opening up the Eclipse portal. In this Supermoon, both the Sun and Moon conjunct at 24° Scorpio. You are being asked to incorporate peak experiences, to sift through all that you have learned in 2020 so that this wisdom may be integrated for the Great Conjunction. This lunar cycle ensures that if you have committed to the work of the Capricorn stellium of Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas Athene, and Saturn your time to reap the rewards is coming. 

Again, there is a message of the mystical marriage within, reminding each one of us to anchor into our deep personal assignment, as this radiates out into the collective. With Black Moon Lilith and Uranus conjunct in Taurus there is an opportunity for you to radically shift the repressed and suppressed parts of yourself, and your lineage. There is far more to reality than what we know thus far. Life is sure to get more strange as we move through 2021 as the avant garde becomes the norm. The water trine between Sun, Moon, Juno, and Neptune thread through this lunar cycle to remind each one of us to stay connected to the Dream. Utilize your New Moon intentions to realign and reorient to the great mission you came to birth on this sublime Earth we call home. I recommend writing your New Moon intentions with ink within a 12 hour window of the exact alignment of the Scorpio Moon. Please do not cast them before the precise timing. The Eclipses are coming and this Scorpio Moon is your ticket to call forth the backing of the Otherworld.

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