Cosmic Weather Transmissions: Weekly Astrology

Cosmic Weather Transmissions: Weekly Astrology

Posted by Ra Ma on November 4th 2020

We have reached the eleventh month of this very wild, intense, and transformative year. As we witness the fall of the patriarchy, there is a massive crumbling of systems where abuse has been utilized, where domination and control have superseded justice, equity, compassion, and kindness. No matter who is in office in the political frontier of the United States, it is clear that there is great work to do on this beautiful planet in every direction that the eyes can see. This is a necessary time for you to contain your sacred holy life force, and to consciously make the choice to utilize it on behalf of those whom you love; your family, your tribe, your local community, and your social networks. 

On Monday 11/9 Ceres, the asteroid goddess that represents the Great Mother shifts into the sign of Pisces. Goddess of Womb and Tomb, Goddess of the Grain, Goddess of Earth demonstrates how you give and receive nurturance, how you cultivate and project self-love, and how this extends into familia relationships, earth stewardship, and deep nourishment. In the sign of Pisces, we are being asked to nurture the collective dream through boundless, empathic, refined, imaginative, and mystical creativity. This is a beautiful time to rise above the pomp and circumstance of division and to delve into the intuitive realms to ask: 

What is the Earth Mother’s dream for humanity at this time? 

How does She nurture collective consciousness, 

and how may I serve on Her behalf? 

On Tuesday 11/10th Mercury direct re-enters the sign of Scorpio, and the messenger who invokes our capacity to think, learn, and intuit dives back into the magnetic depths to bring mystery to light. This Mercury retrograde season has been profound, with Truths surfacing from the recent past all the way to the distant past of two years ago. On Wednesday 11/11 the 11:11 portal opens the possibility for phenomena to be experienced. The 11:11 portal offers the potential for clear access to the Ancestral realm, the angelic realm, and for starseed remembrance. This 11:11 portal brings in codes of light consciousness that ultimately assist humanity to shift more gracefully from the 3d to 5d. Ultimately, this is a portal of great possibility. 

On 11/12 Jupiter, Pallas Athene, and Pluto marry at 23° Capricorn. This is the third and final conjunction between Jupiter, Pallas Athene, and Pluto, which has been one of the key astrological significations of this year. The first was on the 4:4:4 portal on April 4th, and the second conjunction was on June 30th when both planets were retrograde. Now they are both direct. Jupiter wishes to expand and improve through great spiritual wisdom and teaching. Pallas Athene is a warrior who activates the high mind which is expressed through the arts, healing, and political activism. Pluto is the great transformer, which may need to invoke death and destruction for actualized regeneration. In universal, earthy Capricorn, the structures and social organizations that are outdated and decayed must be dissolved and re-birthed. 

I invite you to look into this year with your eagle eyes to witness what came to the forefront for you early April, that was reflected upon at the end of June, and that now is coming to a newfound solution. The frequency of this final conjunction is an opportunity to bring the divine masculine to its highest expression. Each one of us carries within the cords of the divine feminine and the divine masculine regardless of gender. What we desperately need now on Earth is the healthy masculine to rise and shine, to be honored, so that this courageous expression may be protective, responsible, and grounded. We need you and your medicine here on Earth, now more than ever.

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