How To Use Tarot Decks During Full Moon

How To Use Tarot Decks During Full Moon

Posted by Megan Caswell on August 18th 2021

The full moon has always been a time for me of heightened emotion. I think most people can relate to this whether through observation or personal experience. I remember a few years ago before I really got into putting stock into keeping track of the moon’s cycles, I was really having a time one night. I have been tracking my emotional waves and cyclings since I was 12. Observing the feeling when I first sense it arise, going within the emotion and asking it when did this begin and what is this about. Through this I was able to find what triggers me, and how to become more and more sensitive to when it first emerges. Taking care of it at its source rather than weeks, or months later when it erupts at a seemingly completely unrelated time. So knowing what is mine, and being able to track where or what has triggered me, has been a lifelong skill set.

I had this intense wave of emotion come out of seemingly nowhere. I was dealing with emotions I had not felt since I was a child, and was experiencing a deep sense of longing I had never consciously connected with. There was this distinct feeling, and phrase that kept repeating in my soul. I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home. Even though I did not understand what this meant entirely, I could feel that this longing for home - was a home I had never known in this life. And felt “off-planet”. These were concepts I was completely unfamiliar with and although I had learned from a young age to trust the information my emotions were sharing with me. Maybe not as empirical fact, but as guidance that deserved to be given space to listen to. It was still very strange for me to be experiencing these foreign feelings with such intensity. But I gave space to the feels I was having, and held myself and my emotions through the night. The next day my friend sent me a link to an astrologer on youtube who described the “energies”/lessons of the full moon the night before. I was floored and stunned as I heard this man in detail describe the exact emotions of what I had been experiencing the night before. Alienation, longing for a home- maybe one that you have yet to experience in this lifetime. I cried.

I started tracking the moon cycles, and the energy forecasts associated with the moon’s cycles and realized that my life lessons and moon’s movements were lining up perfectly. What the moon was doing, my life was doing. I started to look around at my friend’s lives, my family's lives, strangers' lives who would pass me on the street, and realized their lessons were looking a whole lot like mine. Whether people believed in astrology or not, astrology was definitely at play in everyone’s world.

It is my belief and perspective that we and astrology are intrinsically intertwined. That we cannot separate ourselves from the celestial. That our energy is affected by and moved by the planets, the stars, and the moon. That this is an intentional design to help us move through our evolution as souls and people. This is at least how I have begun to utilize these energies. For the cleansing and the deeper understanding of who I am and what my soul's desires are.

If this feels overwhelming and you are unsure where to begin, keep reading as I'm about to share a ritual that can ease you into it. In this guided intentional personal time we will be using the Tarot to connect with the moon’s energies. So grab a deck and join me!

Carve Out Personal Time

This is your time for you, this is your sacred time for Self. So communicate this with your partners, friends, roommates, and/or children, that you are taking some time for YOU. Ask for help with this if need be. If you are a parent and you do not have a partner to help with this, maybe waiting for the kiddos to go to bed before you begin. This whole process does not need to take more than 30 minutes, 15 minutes if you are in a real bind. Knowing that you are worthy and deserving of this time for yourself. That this is healthy for you and for all those in your life. That this time is healing, and has a necessary heart medicine for your life. Really relish it!

Create a Sacred Space

Gather some of your favorite items in your life, create a little altar of sorts. This is to help soothe you and to help create a focal point of intention. So bring your favorite candle or incense, set a mood for yourself. You can incorporate anything that you love. Anything that is special or meaningful for you. Anything that brings you peace or joy. This space, like this time, is just for YOU. There is no right or wrong way to do this, this is more about how it helps you feel on the inside.

Give Yourself a Tarot Reading

Now that the mood is set, and the time belongs to you. Time for some yummy self-reflection. I'm going to include three different spreads for you to choose from here. You can choose one of these or none of these, but here are some options to get your intuitive genius flowing.

Tarot spreads are a way to clearly ask specific questions. You represent that question by a certain position. The most common or simplest way of doing this is a 1-card or 3-card spread. A 1-card spread could be, show me what I need to see, and then the card chosen would represent that answer. A common example of a 3-card spread is past, present, and future. So you would lay 3 cards out, one after the other. The one on the far left would represent the past, the one in the middle would represent the present, and the one on the far right would represent the future. You can have more involved spreads that ask other questions, which can go deeper into what you want to inquire about. I’ll be using some simple but hopefully illuminating spreads here.

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Spread 1:

1. What have I been working on or what have I created in the last two weeks (since the new moon)? 

2. Where am I now? 

3. What is coming into my conscious awareness? 

4. What is no longer serving me? 

5. How can I release and let go of these energies? 

6. What other resources are available to me as I release and let go? 

You can place these down in any arrangement you would like, but make sure that you decide which position is going to answer which question before you lay your tarot out.

Spread 2:

1. Self-Perception: How do you perceive yourself? What is your relationship with yourself? 

2. Best Qualities: What are your most admirable qualities? What about yourself can you learn to recognize and love more? 

3. Your Gifts to Others: What is the best thing that you can offer to the world around you? Where are your talents best put to use?

4. What fulfills you: What brings you the most joy? 

5. Unrecognized Potential: What part of yourself has great potential and have you not recognized yet?

Spread 3:

1. Illumination: What can no longer be hidden? 

2. Release: What can I let go of?

3. Transformation: What is getting ready to emerge?

Sit with your Tarot, allow the continued layers of implication to be received. Journal about what you find, what you see. This can be a helpful tool for strengthening your intuition. Learning how to trust yourself, learning how to perceive and make sense of your impressions. Sometimes our intuition makes predictions or sees into the truth of a situation without us fully recognizing it at the time. So write it down and come back to it later.

That’s it! Thank the moon, thank yourself, thank the stars in the sky, and thank the Tarot. You’ve completed your intentional time with yourself, and have successfully, intentionally, helped integrate the lessons of the full moon.

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