Oracle Card of the Day: Clarity from Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle

Oracle Card of the Day: Clarity from Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle

Posted by Cidney Bachert on February 23rd 2021

"Remove the blindfold." 

An incredibly prevalent message coming from the beautiful Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle deck by Siolo Thompson, creator of the Linestrider and Otherkin tarot decks. 

This deck calls to the ancient herbalist in all of us, the deep parts that know that the Earth provides what we need. 

Clarity, represented by the Wild Rose, reminds us that when we enter into this realm we enter with a blindfold. The memories of our past lives and our deep-seated knowledge of the Universe have been suppressed so we can learn again what it means to live our soul's truth and learn the lessons that we need to in this lifetime. 

But in order to learn, we must remove that blindfold eventually- and eventually has come. 

"Many people who seek out this plant for its detoxification qualities are seeking a new lifestyle, the breaking of unwanted habits, and a clearer, cleaner perspective on life," writes Thompson. 

If you've been feeling empty, unsatisfied, or restless, this card may be a sign that it is finally time to start making some changes in your life. Start your morning off with some yoga or meditation, a glass of lemon water, or a few quiet moments with your pet. Try to incorporate new whole foods into your diet and listen to what your body is telling you. It knows exactly what it needs for you to feel your best, you just need to trust it and your intuition. 

"This plant corresponds to the Ace of Swords of tarot with its call for focus and clear sight when approaching new projects or the Two of Swords, which urges the querent to strip away the blindfold of deception (or self-deception) and truly assess the situation at hand." 

Have you been telling yourself that what is happening right now is okay? That it's only temporary? That you need a few months and then you'll be back on track. This card encourages you to hold yourself accountable for what you've been holding back on, what you know will make you feel better and whole. 

Making lifestyle changes is scary, but that is the best way to learn and move forward. Only so much can happen in the safety of your comfort zone. 

This is a sign to do more for yourself. To make those changes. To become the best version of yourself. It doesn't start tomorrow, or next month, it starts today. 

Who will you become?

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