Rising Woman: 2019 Full Moon in Virgo

Rising Woman: 2019 Full Moon in Virgo

Posted by Virginia Rosenberg on February 18th 2019

The Full Moon in Virgo on February 19, 2019 (7:53amPDT) is the brightest Moon of the year.

Look up. You will see her burgeoning shape on the horizon. Glowing. Filling out. Her shape widest at rise.

This Super Snow Moon is at perigee, as close as she gets, to the Earth.

This Moon holds the medicine of the sacred and the profane. The intertwining of the two create communion; a spiritual exchange. Virgo is the understanding that the most ordinary things are holy. That the mundane contains the spark of the Divine. That the most simple acts - breathing, washing dishes, tying shoes, serving others, tending the natural - are the ways we become more godlike. Each moment a portal. Each minute a capsule for presence, for gratitude, and for essence.

Unconditional love is not a concept. It is an immeasurable stream of energy that already exists. It is never withheld. It is not measured or deserved. It simply is - we can tap into it, and propagate it, or not.

To love unconditionally is a verb. We do love, we speak love, we be love. This is how we live love, and make it real.

Be teachable when it comes to love.

To love unconditionally will never reduce us or take anything from us. If we are diminished by it, we aren’t truly loving unconditionally. Something is attached. To love unconditionally only wears us into our pre-existing perfection. Love is revealing - it makes us more of who and what we really are. Our true nature.

Virgo is the reminder to get out of our own way. To move aside. To drop the conditioning. To exist amidst and in between lines. To relinquish sense of self-ness enough that we can let spirit flow through us into form. Virgo is the call to our sacred work. Not the petty tasks we lose ourselves in by distraction, but the raison d’etre; the reason for being, as dictated by powers greater than us.

Virgo invites us to stay with the trouble. To pray with it and ritualize it. To see and be in the messiness of life, and embrace it as pure. Unfixable. Flawless.

Read the full description of what this lunation brings, as it holds much more meaning than a simple moon-in-Virgo. 

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