Spectralite Mini Palm Stone

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Spectralite Mini Palm Stone fits in the palm of your hand is made of polished Spectralite, a variety of Labradorite. Unlike Labradorite, Spectralite is considered a a semi precious gem. Spectralite has a black base and has an iridescent quality allowing it to show a full spectrum of rainbow colors. 

Sourced from Madagascar.

Approximately 2" L x 1.25" W x .75" D

*Your stone will be randomly chosen. 


Spectralite aids in healing and cleansing your spirit and teaches the wisdom of light through meditation and concentration. 


Spectralite evokes calmness. It is a relaxation stone that removes worry and lets in love and light. It also aids in confidence. 


Spectralite may boost circulation, improving memory. It may also help reset your biological clock. 


I am calm. I am relaxed. I am full of love and light.


Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th) 


** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Discuss any health concerns with a trusted healthcare practitioner.

Source: The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach by Richard Simmons and Naisha Ahsian