100% Pure Essential Oil

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These 100% Essential Oils provide sacred aromatherapy from our plant allies and the healing of 100% pure and natural essential oils. These oils are extracted via steam distillation

Handcrafted by Tree of India in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

5 ml

2.125" L x .75" Diameter


Cardamom has a favorably exotic scent and relieves mental fatigue, feelings of jealousy and adversity.


Calms anger and eases nervous tension and stress. Provides spiritual strength.


May be helpful for anxiety and stress-related issues, nervous exhaustion, libido, jealousy. 

Clary Sage

Adaptogenic, enhances ability to dream, euphoric, helpful for feelings of paranoia, panic, and hysteria. Helps restore confidence and courage.


Used as a stress reliever due to its properties as an aphrodisiac. Reduces mental exhaustion and fatigue.

Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

Improves energy and reduces nervous tension. Conveys a feeling of cohesion and stability. Helps one cope with and accept difficult change due to its ability to circulate qi and blood and


Reviving, helpful for mental exhaustion, and helps to reduce stress.


May be helpful for anxiety and nervousness. May also serve as support while working with issues related to forgiveness and compassion.

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

Geranium conveys a feeling of calm strength and security. It has a sensual, liberating nature, and stimulates feminine creativity, imagination and intuition. Geranium is also known to enhance sensory experience.

Ginger Grass

Helps anxiety and reduces stress. Calming to the mind. Mental clarity.


Uplifting, encourages “Lightness of spirit”, smoothes flow of stagnant qi-energy. 

Holy Basil

Helps reduce stress, acts like a sedative, helps with anxiety and nervous depression. It also helps combat fear and feelings associated with sexual abuse.


Similar to thyme and eucalyptus, hyssop invigorates and strengthens.


Break through psychological stagnation, purges worry & self absorption, consolidates will-power, and restores determination.


Calming, stabilizing, helps to ease nervous tension and dissipate feelings of panic and hysteria, and helps to release pent-up energy within.


Revitalizes a tired mind, is relaxing, and promotes inspiration.


Soothes, relaxes, and calms hysteria. It aids in spiritual development and deeper meditation. Mugwort enhances dreams and helps you fall asleep fast.


Calming, sedative, reduces sexual over excitation, spiritually elevating.

Orange (Citrus sinensis)

Calming, uplifting, purifying, balancing, giving clear perspective.


Oregano releases the fear of completion and thoughts of vulnerability.

Palo Santo

Calming and grounding to the mind, helps ease depression, remorse and anxiety.


Balancing effect on emotions, good for inducing meditative state.


Uplifting, energizing, stimulating, inspiration, insight.


Renew enthusiasm, bolster self-confidence for those with a poor sense of self worth, warms the spirit and makes it bold.

Tea Tree

Purifying, cleansing, bringing light and warmth.


Thyme strengthens the nerves and stimulates the brain.


Calming, grounding, supportive, relaxing.


Energizing, uplifting, purifying.

Ylang Ylang

Euphoric and sedative effect on the nervous system. Helps with anxiety, tension, shock, fear, and panic.


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