Palo Santo Wood Stick

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Palo Santo literally means "holy wood" in Spanish. Traditionally, palo santo has been used by Amazonian shamans in sacred ritual, dating all the way back to the Incas.

Smudging with palo santo is said to bring blessings to the space, eradicating negative energy and chase away evil spirits. It can be substituted in any instance that you would usually use white sage, as their properties are fairly similar. Both white sage and palo santo "wipe the slate clean," opening the way for positive energy to enter where there was once negativity.

The palo santo we carry comes from a sustainable source in Peru, who replants these sacred trees to give back to the Earth. The palo santo we carry comes from a Piura and Cajamarca provinces in the Northern Part of Peru. Here, Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is protected by the Peruvian government, specifically, the Ministry of Agriculture. The environmental protections ensure that Peruvian farmers can make a living from Palo Santo without ever harming the plant. Only dead branches that have fallen naturally are used and the live trees can never be cut.

After Palo Santo trees have fulfilled their natural life cycles, they are collected, cut and stored to dry and cure for a period of 3-5 years. This crucial step allows a chemical transformation to take place in the sap. Once fluid in the living tree, the resin begins to crystallize and form deposits giving the Palo Santo its prized grains of orange and gold. Within these rich resin deposits, the sacred essence of the Palo is the deepest.

All of our Peruvian partners, as part of their “extraction proposal” to the community, promise to plant new Palo Santo trees ensuring the duration of the species.

Imported by John Drummond from Third Eye Wood in Asheville, NC.

Each piece is approximately .5" W by 4" H by .38" D

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    Palo santo wood

    Posted by Mary Moutray on June 18th 2019

    Authentic wood with an exquisite rich scent sure to soothe and cleanse. Will be back for more, often!