Woodcense Kit

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In 595 AD, agarwood washed ashore on Awaji island in Japan. The people who found it noticed when they placed the wood near a fire, it filled the area with an unbelievable aroma. Kōdō was created, the ancient Japanese art of appreciating incense, or 香道, "Way of Fragrance."

Fast forward hundreds of years later and Nick Friedman out of Brevard, North Carolina has handcrafted this Woodcense Diffuser Kit that provides the aroma of each wood without the smoke. The ceramic structure allows you to place a small cutting of wood right above the flame, heating it up without ever setting it on fire. As the wood heats, its natural oils are released, and the aroma fills the room within minutes.

This handmade wood diffuser kit comes with everything you need for practicing aromatherapy in your home, office, or mediation room. The kit comes with wood cuttings, a palm wax tea light, and the ceramic structure.

Foraged and hand-crafted by Nick Friedman of Woodcense in Brevard, NC.

Find out more about this unique aromatherapy kit here. You can also order more wood sticks here.

2 Reviews

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    Woodcense kit

    Posted by Holly on September 19th 2020

    Genius wood burner! I buy this as new house gifts! The wood smells enchanting!!

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    Woodcense Kit

    Posted by Char on May 17th 2019

    I picked out this little kit when I stopped in Asheville last year for a few days. LOVE it!

    First of all, it's lovely & funky & rustic, with it's earthy colors & construction resembling natural stone, clay & woods. It takes a very little time to set up & figure out, but the leaflet is self explanatory.

    But next, the aromas from the sample logs of wood are outstanding...mellow & rich without the abrasiveness of regular resin incense.

    Wood & shrub incense will forever been my favorite go-to aromas - pinion, cedar, juniper, sage, mesquite, pine...

    This is now my favorite way of enveloping myself in my woodsy scents. In fact, I'll be picking up more of them soon - another for myself & a couple more for my sons.

    Thanks! And be blessedly whole!

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