Enchanted Burning Bundle

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Enchanted Burning Bundle is all about sultry strength and setting the mystical mood. Embolden and elevate your senses with an herbal wand like no other - sweet and sultry, yet medicinal and cleansing, the potent smoke brings an intense surge of energy to your routine and uproots negative energies.

Formulated for eliminating spiritual parasites and energy inhibitors, heightened perception, refreshment and unity, purity and calm, empowerment. A perfect housewarming gift or cleanser for new or tired spaces.

Good for 1-3 cleanses per wand depending on usage, results may vary per user.

Ingredients: Wormwood, Black Sage, Wine-soaked Apple, Roses, Lavender, Eucalyptus. Adorned with Statice, Oregano or Pink Yarrow for additional color.

  • Wormwood: send harmful magick back to its sender, banishing spirits
  • Black Sage / Mugwort: dream work (encourage dreams and visions)
  • Apple: wisdom, open gates to other realms
  • Rose: love, compassion
  • Lavender: sweetness, harmony, balance
  • Eucalyptus: opening up, cast off evil

Hand-rolled by Steadfast Flowers in Dallas, NC.

Approx. 6" L x 2" W