High Winds Burning Bundle

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This High Winds Burning Bundle combines three powerful allies to clear and detoxify one's space. This is a great blend to turn to attract positivity in your life.

Ingredients: cedar, sweetgrass, white sage & local Jute or Supima cotton string

  • Cedar: cleanses emotions and can be used for protection. Traditionally, Native Americans use cedar for prayer, healing, dreamwork, and protection against disease. 
  • Sweetgrass: purifies body and space. Sweetgrass has long been regarded as sacred medicine to Native Americans and is valued for its vanilla-like scent.
  • White Sage: used for cleansing, reseting, and purifying

Harvested and hand-rolled by Grace Anderson of Blushing Lakes in Barnardsville, North Carolina.

*Each burning bundle or bouquet is unique and made with love. The burning bundle or bouquet you receive may look different than the burning bundle or bouquet you see pictured online and will be randomly selected.

Approximately 2" W x 9" L 

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