High Winds Burning Bundle

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This High Winds Burning Bundle combines three powerful allies to clear and detoxify one's space. This is a great blend to turn to attract positivity in your life.

Ingredients: cedar, sweetgrass, white sage & local Jute or Supima cotton string

  • Cedar: cleanses emotions and can be used for protection. Traditionally, Native Americans use cedar for prayer, healing, dreamwork, and protection against disease. 
  • Sweetgrass: purifies body and space. Sweetgrass has long been regarded as sacred medicine to Native Americans and is valued for its vanilla-like scent.
  • White Sage: used for cleansing, reseting, and purifying

Harvested and hand-rolled by Grace Anderson of Blushing Lakes in Barnardsville, North Carolina.

Approx. 2" W x 9" L 

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