Cosmic Weather Transmissions: Weekly Astrology

Cosmic Weather Transmissions: Weekly Astrology

Posted by Ra Ma on November 20th 2020

Scorpio Season is coming to it's grand finale. We are still feeling the magnetism from the third and final Jupiter Pluto Conjunction of 2020. However this Saturday, November 21st as the Sun departs Scorpio, Venus enters this sign of transformation. Our relationships and our values dive into the depths, where the mystery may be explored. For love partnerships things have the possibility to become intensly erotic, passionate, and pleasured. Ultimately Venus, goddess of beauty, art, and culture is psyche mining, so choose wisely whom you bed. Beware of becoming secretive, suspicious, excessive, or jealous, or allowing one to power over you. 

The Sun rises out from the abyss fully regenerated, uniting with the archer to explore and expand the horizons of awareness. Sagittarius season is upon us. Our collective conscious purpose is ignited with passionate, spiritual fire that visions reality from an expansive perspective. A fresh wave of optimism fills the air, and the collective hope comes back online. We are still in pursuit of Truth. Perhaps now, more than ever as the Jupiter Saturn Great Conjunction is exactly one month away. 

This Saturday also brings Luna to her First Quarter Moon phase which originated with the Scorpio New Moon. Your intentions are being activated as obstacles are being cleared away. Decisions must be made, as the light is steadily increasing and the momentum is building. 

On Wednesday, November 25th Pluto quintiles Chiron offering a deeper awareness to the root of what needs to be healed. As the specific medicine is realized, lasting transformation is possible. Take some time to reflect upon the cycles you are healing, particularly when focusing upon the Aries and Capricorn parts of your horoscope. 

With Eclipse Season fully in effect, be mindful that sudden endings and striking new beginnings may transpire. The Gemini Lunar Eclipse that we meet at the end of the month brings original information, messages where the codes become clear, and possibly even preparations for travel. This Eclipse threads back to November 2012, again relaying the potent cycles we are wrapping up. If you wish to learn more about this Eclipse Season, stay tuned for Episode 15 of Stars, Stones, and Stories dropping this Venus Day November 20th.

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