Cosmic Weather Transmissions: Weekly Astrology

Cosmic Weather Transmissions: Weekly Astrology

Posted by Ra Ma on November 25th 2020

The holiday season opens with Neptune stationing direct on Saturday, November 28th. Neptune went retrograde at the end of June, requesting you to reflect and revise on how you formulate your dreams. Now, Neptune wishes you to bring your intuitive and inspirational nature to the forefront of consciousness and apply the wisdom gained, particularly through compassion. 

Eclipse season is fully upon us. Eclipses bring the truth that we need to see, know, and feel, despite how uncomfortable the results may be. Eclipses tend to mark major events from births to deaths, momentous beginnings and endings, quite often heralding vast, unexpected shifts. Eclipses move in a series and disperse the pearls of wisdom in the most perfect way. During the actual time of an Eclipse, it is ideal to be meditating and near or in water, particularly with a Lunar Eclipse. Meditation is powerful as our actions may be magnified for time to come, therefore positive prayer benefits all of humanity. 

Monday, November 30th presents the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse at 4:30 am EST. This Lunar eclipse will bring to focus endings, emotions, and the revelation of true character, as there is a conquest of sorts; an obstacle to move through that involves the ego. As we are a collective, it is imperative to give grace to those who you encounter, to be generous, and to be of service. Many are suffering and bathed in fear in these times. How may you shine a light of hope to elevate your sisters and brothers? 

With this Lunar Eclipse, the Sagittarius Sun will expand perception and bring to view the Gemini Moon where play, duality, and curiosity are explored through the power of the mind. We have an opportunity to dissolve the outdated paradigms and beliefs, to rework our thoughts, and to build a new vision that may be seeded into three dimensional reality. Our devotion and nurturance to refining the dream is tested in this Eclipse. You must keep the flame alive through your steadfast care and attention. The times of tightrope walking continue. Mars, your inherent instinct and willpower, offers good fortune and ease as you feed your dream from your reservoir of resources. 

On Tuesday, December 1st intelligent and clever Mercury traverses the horizons of the mind by ingressing into passionate and mutable Sagittarius. Our communication may become adventurous, philosophical, jovial, or truthful. Beware of over communicating, or coming across as dogmatic, pompous, scattered, or irresponsible when you share the horizons of your mind, as the great messenger is challenged in Sagittarius. Ultimately this thought shift has the ability to be benevolent and visionary, two qualities we need collectively in these transformative times. Listen in here to take a deeper dive into this Eclipse Season.

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