Using Ritual Salts to Channel Your Intentions

Using Ritual Salts to Channel Your Intentions

Posted by Cidney Bachert on November 13th 2020

What are Ritual Salts 

Ritual Salts are a combination of salt, herbs, crystals, and essentials oils that are created as a blend to serve specific intentions. The ritual salts that we carry are handcrafted by Auburn Lily of Healing Arts in Asheville, NC on the New Moon with meditative intentions, and are channeled blends exclusive to our store (with the exclusion of the Enchanted Black Salt). The quartz crystals that are used in our blends are also charged on the prior full moon.

How to Use Ritual Salts 

There are many ways to use ritual salts and incorporate them into your personal ceremony or practice. You can use them in a bath and pair them with some aromatic soy or beeswax candles and crystals. If you don’t have a tube, you can create a footpath with the salts. All of our salts could be used in the bath, with the exception of the Enchanted Black Salt because it can stain. 

The salts can be placed out as an offering on an altar or placed in selenite bowls that could sit in the four corners of your home or on windowsills. Sigils or other symbols can also be drawn in the salts and left on an altar. The Enchanted Black Salt could be placed on windowsills or lining your front door for protection. 

These ritual salts can also be used during the process of burning herbs or resins. Resins are burned using a charcoal cube and is often placed in a burner or abalone shell. To protect the shell, you can pour some of the salts in first, then place the charcoal cube on top so the shell doesn’t get scorch marks. 

For aura or facial mist, a small pinch of the salts can be added to witch hazel or water. A larger pinch could be dissolved in water for Sea Salt Hair Spray so even your hair can have a little magickal touch.

Here is a deeper dive into the unique blends that we carry, so you can find that suits you the most.

Earth Magick Ritual Salt

Embrace the true magic of nature with this wholesome blend to help you feel grounded and find communion with the earth spirit. Uniquely crafted for our store, we hope this Earth Magick Ritual Salt provides you with the grounding you need to tune inward and grow strong. 

Ingredients: halite (pink salt), mica, palo santo leaf, purple sage, lemon balm, chrysanthemum, sandalwood, quartz crystals and essential oils of lemongrass, frankincense, holy basil and patchouli.

Enchanted Black Salt

Black Salt has traditionally been used as a way to protect yourself and others from negative spirits and energies. This charcoal-enriched salt is emotionally fortifying, energetically protecting, and psychically activating. We recommend not using Enchanted Black Salt in a bath as it may cause staining. 

Ingredients: halite (pink salt), mica, charcoal ash, rosemary, sunflower, lavender, celosia, wormwood, African blue basil, lemon balm, goldenrod, calendula, chrysanthemum, eucalyptus and white sage.

Jupiter's Muse Ritual Salt

If you find yourself in need of lifted spirits and crave spiritual growth, the Jupiter's Muse Ritual Salt can help you find those moments of happiness. This blend targets the intentions of expansion, enjoyment, and good fortune. 

Ingredients: halite (pink salt), mica, mint, bay leaf, Irish moss, quartz crystals and essential oils of clary sage, lavender and patchouli.

Love Spell Ritual Salt

Show a little love to yourself with this delicate blend of florals that can help you embrace your divine femininity. Call in positive, loving energies and embrace self-love while helping to heal the heart with the Love Spell Ritual Salt. 

Ingredients: halite (pink salt), mica, rose, rosemary, jasmine, and essential oils of jasmine, quartz crystals, ylang ylang, holy basil and lavender.

Sea Witch Ritual Salt

Call in the power and magick of the ocean with this blend that can send you back to the happiest of days, beach side and watching the waves crash along the shore. The Sea Witch Ritual Salt is a great blend for those looking to assist in the feminine flow and embrace the goddess within. 

Ingredients: sea salt, mica, lemon balm, jasmine, bachelor's button, quartz crystals and essential oils of jasmine, ylang ylang and lavender.

Solar Alchemy Ritual Salt

Is there something that you've been wanting or wanting to achieve but have put it aside? Come back to your dreams and manifest them with the help of the Solar Alchemy Ritual Salt. This uplifting blend is great to help you embrace your personal power and find what you are looking for within. 

Ingredients: sea salt, mica, calendula, rosemary, lemongrass, palo santo leaf, quartz crystals and essential oils of frankincense, patchouli and lavender. 

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