Mugwort, Organic

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Organic Mugwort Leaf & Stem is known for its powers related to prophetic dreams, and it is also utilized for strength, psychic powers, protection, healing, and astral projection. This herb has many magickal uses and can be burned, infused, or used dried. 

This organic herb is sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs.

.5 oz. compostable bag






Third Eye, Sacral

Magickal Uses

Place mugwort in the shoes to gain strength during long walks or runs. A pillow stuffed with mugwort and slept upon will produce prophetic dreams. Mugwort is also burned with sandalwood or wormwood during scrying rituals, and a mugwort infusions is drunk (sweetened with honey) before divination.The infusion is also used to wash crystal balls and magic mirrors, and mugwort leaves are placed around the base of the ball (or beneath it) to aid in psychic workings. When carrying mugwort, you cannot be harmed by poison, wild beasts, or sun-stroke, according to ancient tradition. Placed next to the bed, it aids in achieving astral projection. 

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** These herbs are for spell or ritual use only.