Burdock Root, Organic

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Organic Burdock Root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is known to balance internal heat, is specifically helpful for supporting skin health, and is associated with lung and stomach meridians. It is considered energetically cold and having a slippery consistency that soothes mucus membranes. The root is also commonly cooked in order to change its energetic properties and specifically to make it easier to digest. In European folk medicine, an infusion or decoction of the seeds was employed as a diuretic. It was helpful in enhancing health through supporting digestion, and as topical poultice.

This organic herb is sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs in Eugene, Oregon.

1 oz compostable bag







Magickal Uses

Burdock Root is a great protection and healing herb. It can be used to cast around the home to ward off any negativity, added to protection incenses and spells, as well as worn for protection. The leaves of the burdock have also been used to help heal gout when placed on the soles of the feet. 


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