Rose Petals, Organic

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Rose (Rosa gallica) is great for spells for to bring about love and happiness. It is associated with deities Hathor, Hulda, Eros, Cupid, Demeter, Isis, Adonis, Harpocrates, and Aurora. Roses stimulate love, psychic powers, healing, luck, and protection. 

This herb is sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs in Oregon.

Small:  .25 oz. compostable bag

Large:  1 oz. compostable bag






Sacral (2nd), Heart (4th)

Magickal Uses

Roses have been used in love mixtures, owing to the flower's associations with emotions. A wreath of roses worn while performing love spells, or a single rose in a case on the altar, are powerful love magic practices. Rose water distilled from the petals can be used for love baths, rose tea before sleep can induce prophetic dreams, and rose petals and hips are also used in healing spells and mixtures. Rosewater-saturated cloth to the temples can also help with alleviating headaches. If one would like to use rose for protection, a great way to do this is to sprinkle it around the household to calm personal stress and household upheavals. 

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* These herbs are organic and can be used for tea, ingestion, and body products.