Pink Aventurine Pebble

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Pink Aventurine is a stone of creativity, vitality, sexuality, and mental alertness. It increases one's desire to take on and overcome the challenges of life, and it helps to find determination to persevere in the most difficult situations. It increase the flow of prana, also known as life force, helping those with low vitality to get things done. This is a great stone for those recovering from illness as it is helpful to rebuild physical energies and confidence. Pink Aventurine harmonizes with all varieties of Quartz, including the other Aventurine types. This is a great stone to combine with Ruby, Golden Labradorite, and Zincite.

Sourced from Brazil.

Approx. 1" W by 1" H by .5" D

* Your stone will be picked randomly.


Pink Aventurine helps one develop the necessary fortitude to manifest one's highest ideals through consistent action. It helps prevent one from being swayed from the course aligned with one's highest good at the same time it allows one to recognize if one is not on a higher path. It encourages discernment, commitment, and perseverance. 


Pink Aventurine helps one with self-forgiveness, and enables one to laugh at their own mistakes. It quickly reveals any self-deception. 


It is a strong blood-strengthening stone. It can help stimulate red blood cell production in the bone marrow and can assist in regulating the blood in the body. It helps to balance auto-immune disorders and the immune system in general. It is also believed to be an excellent stone for healing and regulating the heart.


I clearly see my highest path. I know I am capable of walking it, and I am committed to achieving my destiny.


Heart (4th)

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Source: The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach by Richard Simmons and Naisha Ahsian