Local Artisans

Our curator aims to fill our store with lovingly handmade tools and empowerment pieces from Asheville and the surrounding areas. There is so much soul and spirit here in the Appalachian Mountains - you can feel this in each and every item made here! Take a look below at all the artisans who come together as the Earth Magick collection. When you shop with us you are supporting our small business and the local community! 

mala22.pngBlue Lotus Design Studios

Blue Lotus Design Studios is a one-woman business, owned and operated by local Asheville artist, Jennifer Suess. She works from her cozy home studio, where she pours her heart and soul into creating stunning, nature and yoga inspired gemstone jewelry and handmade malas

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Blushing Lakes

Grace Anderson of Blushing Lakes has been using the fruits of the Earth to create natural trinkets and tools for as long as she can remember. She also uses animal parts she "rescues" from a place where they are seen as scraps destined for the landfill for items she creates. With care and intention, she crafts medicine pouches, jewelry, and herb bundles for our shop along with other handmade items. Shop her handcrafted item here.

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goddess-ghee22.pngGoddess Ghee

Marion Hearth founded Goddess Ghee in 2015 as an answer to a call to create and share her gifts with community. Ghee is an Ayurvedic medicine, made by slowly simmering butter creating pure butter oil, loaded with vitamins A, D, E and K. We carry many different flavors of Goddess Ghee as well as their delicious Elderberry Elixir.

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hanami-tea.pngHanami Tea

Kathryn Grover started Hanami Tea after 3 years of training at a local tea house. She creates blends based on herbal knowledge and creative intuition, to inspire people to connect to the Goddess. Checkout her Goddess Herbal Tea Blends, inspired by goddesses from around the world.

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journey-there.pngJourney There Wands

Autumn Austin of Journey There Wands is a therapist and Reiki Master, who studied Shamanism and Evolutionary Spirituality for many years. One day, as she was picking up sticks in her yard, Autumn felt the call from Spirit to begin intuitively crafting wands. Autumn said her style has "changed some overtime, but I am always amazed at what gets created when I'm in the flow of Spirit." She creates channeled rattles, wands and necklaces out of rare woods, crystals, and cruelty-free feathers and bones. Find her handcrafted empowerment pieces here.

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drum.pngLegends Alive

In 1986, Yolanda Martinez received a message from Great Spirit: "Make drums." She listened by crafting her first drum in 1987. Yet, Yolanda's mission was not complete. Spirit called out to her again, urging her to continue. Thus, her company Legends Alive was born. Yolanda aims to make Elk Skin Drums that "wake up the soul, balance and connect you with Earth Mother's rhythms in nature: her heartbeat and song."

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sage-stone.pngOf Sage and Stone

Melanie Saint-Jean, our store manager, of Of Sage and Stone. supplies us with beautiful, handcrafted pendulums, Reiki infused gemstone bracelets, and loose herb blends. Her bracelets are created with unpolished crystals, to reduce the manufacturing process and the amount of people interacting with the stones, so there is more natural energy that the stone can carry. The pendulums are created with Sterling Silver or 24k gold overlay chain, crystals, and a pendant.

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Ra Ma Apothecary

In addition to doing astrology readings in the shop, Ra Ma creates essences and mists that are here to support your conscious evolution and radiance. The products are the result of many years of plant and stone medicine study, in addition to a devoted understanding of Kundalini technology. The plant allies used in these products are sourced from her home garden or ethically wild-harvested. Elixirs and essences come into being steeped in a meditative, mantra-rich craft process. The items available in Ra Ma’s Apothecary are imbued with ritual.

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River Island Apothecary

Katie Vie creates Archetype Anointing Oils that are uniquely crafted to match a variety of archetypes to aid in growth and healing. Her experience as a massage therapist and passion of aromatherapy drove her to create the anointing oils, and each corresponds with a specific season as well as a holiday such as Beltane or Lammas. You can read more about the Archetype Anointing Oils in our journal.

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sister-mother-earth.pngSister of Mother Earth

Lori Collins Jenkins is a local herbalist who has taken a plethora of herbalism courses over the years, with teachers including Rosemary Gladstar and those at the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. Lori works to translate the wisdom of Appalachia into her medicine and food. She creates Elderberry syrup and a variety of specialty fire ciders.

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The Gift of Lakshmi

Jessica Lakshmi creates botanical perfume blends handcrafted with flower essences, essential oils, quartz crystals, and flowers. Each blend is created with intention and has a corresponding vibrational message and mystical association. All of the blends are created with an organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT).

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Trollbinde means “to spellbind” in Norwegian and Swedish. Owner and artist, Hannah Kali Black, sees the world through an ethereal and multi-cultural lens that inspires her rite-of-passage creations for daily wear and special occasions. Her works are intended to be the transformative piece of any ensemble. Trollbinde jewelry focuses on what it means to be feminine with a purity of intention and design created to transform abandoned materials from shuttered manufacturing mills.

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brooms.pngWild Appalachian Brooms

Descended from a long line of grandmothers whose bones now rest in the Appalachian mountains, Emily Bell has chosen to reclaim her ties to her heritage through a craft of hand tied brooms. She views her work as practical art: one that embodies beauty, simplicity, heritage, and functionality. When we truly belong to ourselves and to a place, we find grace and rhythm in the day to day tasks. Emily’s handmade cobweb, sweeper, and whisk brooms are an invitation to the beauty of presence in the everyday.

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One day, Nick Friedman of Woodcense and Duckpond Pottery noticed an aroma coming from the wood that he had leaned up against a hot surface created by fire. From this experience, Woodcense was born. Combining his love for nature and this discovery, Nick has handcrafted a wood diffuser kit that unlocks the aroma of each wood without the smoke. The pottery for the Woodcense Kits is made from clay gathered from the floor of the French Broad River Valley, where Nick's studio, Duckpond Pottery, is located. They also source a collection of native woods to diffuse in the kits.

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