Wood Stick

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These Wood Sticks allow you to continue your aromatherapy journey by enjoying the sweet aroma of the Earth. These sticks are made to be used with the Woodcense Kit, so you can enjoy the aroma of the wood without burning it or creating smoke. Think of an essential oil diffuser made for wood!

Gathered by Nick Friedman of Woodcense in Brevard, NC.


Apple has an earthy aroma, and can be used to encourage good health and future happiness. Sourced from Brevard, NC.


Cedar can be used for endurance and purification and is a symbol of eternal life and immortality. Sourced from the Pacific Northwest.


Cherry is good for renewal and revival as well as new beginnings, good fortune, and appreciation. Sourced in Brevard, NC.


Hickory resembles the smell of a rustic log cabin, and can be used to increase courage and encourage patience and perseverance. Sourced from the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Juniper is the tree of love and luck, and helps to create boundaries so you can stand your ground. It is also a symbol for protection. Sourced from South Carolina.


Mesquite has a campfire aroma, and can be used to attract kind spirits, and encourage abundance, self-love, and compassion. Sourced from Texas.


Pecan smells of warm, pecan pie, and encourages longevity, immunity, and prosperity. Sourced from South Carolina.


Pinion is calming and has a piney aroma, and can be used to invoke clairvoyance, compassion, and spiritual strength. Sourced from New Mexico.

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    Woodcense Wood Sticks

    Posted by KJC on November 30th 2019

    LOVE my Woodcense Diffuser!!! However, I really think these sticks should somehow be identified...simply writing the name of the wood on the tissue paper that they were wrapped in would have been okay with me.