Tone Drum

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These beautiful steel tongue pan drums (tone drums) are made from discarded empty propane tanks that are not recyclable. The owner gathers these tanks from the landfill, cuts them to shape, then carves 7 to 10 tongues on the top of the instruments giving it a bell-like tone. These drums feature 7 to 8 different tongues that play different tones with copper infused steel for a stylish twist. These are panatonic drums and are tuned to 440 megahertz.

These drums can be played with the fingers (similar to hand pans) or with mallets. You will receive 2 mallets (recycled piano hammers) and a small padded stand with your drum.

Handcrafted by Ethan Peverall of Magus Tone Drums in Burnsville, North Carolina.

15"W x 15"L x 8"H