Open Heart Burning Bundle

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Open Heart Rose Quartz Bundle is formulated for affirmation, healing trust in relationships, cultivating friendships and opening your heart on all levels for pure communication and unconditional love. It is all about self love and opening your heart to the good things you attract.

Good for 1-3 cleanses per wand depending on usage, results may vary per user.

Ingredients: Wormwood, Green Sage, Mountain Mint, Rose, Carnation, Larkspur, Rose Quartz

  • Silver Wormwood: magick reversal, banishing spirits, hex breaking
  • Green Sage: cleansing & purification
  • Mountain Mint: communication, protection for travelers, prosperity
  • Rose: love, compassion, sincerity
  • Carnation: healing, repel bad energies
  • Larkspur: health, protection for travelers, water magic
  • Rose Quartz: self love, friendship, heart opening

Hand-rolled by Steadfast Flowers in Dallas, NC.

Approx. 6" L x 2" W